Guidelines on Consigning

Please email or call (203) 261-2783 for an appointment. To save time when dropping off, here are some reminders which may be helpful in your decision on what to bring. 


Please Remember:

● NO missing labels
● NO stains/pilling/tears/holes
● NOTHING older than 3 years old.
● ODOR FREE- no cigarettes, pets, musty smells
● FRESHLY Laundered, wrinkle free
● NO more than 20 items at a time
● DO NOT bring in a garbage bag!
● Item must authentic

Items We do NOT Accept:

● Wedding Dresses
● Bridesmaid Dresses
● Maternity
● Knock-off handbags
● Real Fur Coats
● Out of style Prom Dresses


● We DO NOT consign on SATURDAY

● We only accept the season in season. (Do not bring winter items in the spring.. etc)

● We price the items using our in system program, popularity and demand of the item.

● DO NOT ask the consignee how much you will price the items at.


Our Policies:

● Our consignment period is 75 days. You will receive an email as a reminder to pick up or donate your items after the period is over.

● You will have 7 days to pick up your items once you are notified by email.

● ANY items that are NOT picked up after the 7 day window will become property of Olive My Stuff and donated to our choice of a non-profit organization.

● Olive My Stuff is NOT responsible for theft or damages that occur in the store.

● Markdowns will occur after 45 days (25% off) then again at 65 days (50% off).

● The split is 60/40- 40% to the consignor. Anything over $200 is a 50/50 split.


Our Payout System

● Olive My Stuff pays out quarterly. We DO NOT offer cash payouts.

● Checks need to be picked up in the store, unless I’m notified.

● Any amount owed over $30 will be processed into a check.

● If you wish to use the money in our store, you will receive 10% off entire purchase. You MUST have at least $30 in your account to receive the 10% off.


Download and sign our Policies & Procedures Form

OMS Contract